Keeping tabs on your pulse is an important tool for tracking your overall fitness. Heart Rate Touch measures your pulse simply and accurately while respecting your privacy. No logins, in-app purchases or other up-sell gimmicks. An easy to use app, sold at a fair price. Written entirely in Swift, an innovative new programming language from Apple, it features leading edge technology:

  • Quick and simple to use: Cover the both the flash and the camera with your finger. Apply a steady, light pressure and remain still. A great way to do this is by resting the phone on your finger and let the weight of the phone do the work.
  • Advanced algorithm produces highly accurate result: Heart Rate Touch is an optical heart rate monitors that use light to track your blood. By illuminating your capillaries in your finger-tip with a light source (Flash), a sensor (Camera) adjacent to the light measures the frequency (Heart Rate) at which your blood pumps, from the “redness” of the images it captures. Results have a theoretical accuracy to well within 1 beat per minute.
  • Privacy and Sharing: The app does not collect any user information that is communicated back to a server. The measurements remain private on your device. Results are available to be exported in text format and also to Apple's Health app at your discretion.

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